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'...I know that my wings will mend, and I CAN fly again..'

          had begun her school-girl published ballad

'...though it will never be the same..' she had concluded-

         an hypothesis which to this day remains valid

For, following the storms, her rainbows have indeed appeared-

                      But they can never be luminous-


                                      just rather pallid

                                                                                        (excerpt from 'Innocence Lost')

About the Writer

Istanbul-born and New York City-raised, Selin has been a lover of the arts- both literary and performing/visual- ever since she was selected to represent her local Queens public school in the citywide Story-telling contest at the tender age of 9- one year after immigrating to the United States.


Discovering her love of dramatic performances, she went on to perform in various choruses and school theater/musical performances- but she always remained true to her original passion of stories and writing.


Publishing her first poem in high school, she went on to write several academic research and journalistic articles as well for various local magazines and newspapers. Obtaining advanced degrees and certification in both Political Science/International Relations as well as TESOL/ESL education, she's also been heavily involved in fundraising planning/event-hosting and activism in the field of Human/Women's Rights. Furthermore, she's been an active member of the United Nations Association of NY.


Over the past decade, while writing on the side, she's been working as an English as a Second Language Instructor in Norway, Turkey and currently in her native New York - sharing her various experiences with international students and adults- especially their common experiences of Immigration and dual culturalism.

She lists her greatest inspiration to be the success of countless brave women and inspirational public speakers on behalf of various Truths before her, as well as her daughter, Dalya.

My latest projects


Written from the time the author moved to Stavanger as a newlywed, and completed during her pregnancy with her daughter, 'The Catalyst' explores a murder mystery through the mystical world of Jinns, using Norway as the backdrop to explore the institutions of marriage, friendship, nature (personal & environmental), love, as well as dual-culturalism. With various suspenseful plot twists and turns, the novel primarily considers the following:

Sometimes our DEMONS are necessary to appreciate HEAVEN...

"....and LOVE is a thing all in itself, isn't it? 

Like an offspring resulting from a twosome's union:

A relationship forms Love...and when that relationship sours- it's very seldom due to the death of Love...

No...In fact, at times that Love can even physically be felt outside of a couple in dispute- watching with a disappointed pout, like a child/an offspring, or even a family pet...

When the couple reconciles, Love too smiles...

It can also carry on- like a child from one's former relationship, trying to adapt to new step-parents or siblings..."             

                  - Kaitlin Maverick ('The Catalyst')


'Social Media Mourning'

Mornings once started with opening our eyes

to peek outside of our windows for a

glimmer of sunshine behind the clouds...

Or sounds- of raindrops tapping or heavy

gusts of wind-howling, or the gentle whisper

of pristine snow falling...

Mornings once started with the desire for

some tea, juice or coffee

Warm crispy bread of cozy scents-

toasted to perfection with butter

Mornings once meant curiousity about real

current events and intellectual stimulation

to activate our minds...sniffing that wonderful print-smell to flip through the newspaper, or turning on the television to listen to expert commentaries

Mornings now?

Still waking up with the desire to observe, sense, and satiate curiousities...

But technology has replaced the weather taking place outside our windows...

Social applications have ingested that cup of coffee, or toast we could smell in our minds even before its preparation...

They have even gobbled up our traditional paperbacks or hardcovers...

In the mornings now, We shall be in Mourning...

For Telecommunications are observing US

                  Curious about US

                     Devouring US

                             From 'Write Out Your Drops'                                   



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