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"You get a little bit of everything with this story! Ultimately, this is a thriller story leaning on the edge of psychological but there’s also some romance, and a little bit of supernatural elements. Selin combined them together in a way where it didn’t seem like too much was going on and it wasn’t overwhelming. Ultimately I think it added to the suspense factor!...My attention was captured from the beginning of the book, and it’s not too long of a read so I was able to knock it out in one sitting which I also enjoyed because there’s a big shock factor and intrigue from the very beginning!..."


"We all have people who we meet, or things that happen to us in our lives, that create a change within us. Sometimes, we see them coming from a mile away, but other times they happen unexpectedly. Whichever way they are manifested, they may catalyze us in a way that causes us to never be the same again- whether we like it or not. Selin Senol-Akin captures this very theme with ease in her debut novel...Though grouping her novel into the mystery genre would be accurate, The Catalyst is a novel that blends mystery with thriller and romance as well as women’s fiction. As a new author, Selin shows that her passion- and skill- for writing is as natural as it gets in the way that she was able to mesh several categories and not distract the reader from the book’s purpose..."


Christine Weimer, author of 'Tainted Lionheart'

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"The Catalyst is a thriller that catches your attention within the first chapters. It’s mysterious and bewitching. Selin Senol-Akin gives readers an alluring and intriguing introduction that makes you want to keep reading. As the story progresses and more is revealed, this author wows with the shock factor..."                           


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"Although I tried so hard to read The Catalyst slowly to cherish more, I couldn’t help it and finished it quickly. If I had to describe it in three words, which would be so difficult, I would say it is spine-tingling, awe-inspiring, and spell-binding! I am truly impressed by the curiosity that follows the reader on every single page until the very end. It both amuses and shocks you. I am hoping that the author writes a sequel to it. I can’t wait to read!..." Asli Brickhouse, Goodreads


"A story with compelling narrative, an interesting mixture of genres (that actually works), and a truly unexpected twist that left me jaw-dropped. I read The Catalyst in just a couple of days despite its over 200 pages. The story is just that engaging! Selin Senol-Akin is an author to be on the look out for...A non-conformist writer, Selin Senol-Akin knows how to peel off the multiple layers that disguise who humans (and other kinds) truly are..."

Edgar Smith, author of Gnuj & Alt

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